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events + guest venues

As a resident of Thousand Oaks, you’ll have the opportunity to rent and reserve a number of event facilities, guest suites, sports courts and more! From clubrooms and private dining rooms to guest suites and cabanas, your perks of being a Thousand Oaks resident are limitless! Stop by or call the leasing office for more information or to reserve your space. Contact us at 972.820.8000 or email [email protected] for details and pricing.


The Spencer House is an on-site guest suite and event venue that residents can rent by the day or by the week. Your guests can stay nearby and have all the access of a Thousand Oaks resident. Or plan your family reunion or wedding on site and take advantage of this gorgeously remodeled historic 4,000-sq-ft home with spacious living areas, library, large kitchen and 4 private bedroom suites. Rent by the room or the entire house. Call now to book.